Immagine cantina Chianti Rufina Wine Route
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Chianti Rufina Wine Route


Chianti Rufina Wine Route

To the east of Florence opens up an enchanted territory, we are in the kingdom of Chianti Rufina Docg and Pomino Doc, two wines with different personalities and characteristics, both known and appreciated for centuries.

On these hills, which stretch towards the Apennines, Tuscany boasts a landscape dotted with towers, manors and Romanesque churches.

Here Giotto lived his artistic adolescence, here the great Florentine families erected their castles, here Tuscan Christianity had some of its major places of worship.
Immagine Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi

Toscana - Firenze
Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi
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