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Cascina dei Marchesi

Campania - Avellino
. - Cervinara
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Cascina dei Marchesi

Marquis' Cellar: where passion for the land and centuries-old tradition meet to give birth to fine wines and oils.

A dream born out of love for the land:


The story of Cascina dei Marchesi began with Francesco Pepe's desire to relive childhood memories and enhance the land his family has always tended with dedication and authenticity. A dream of sharing, authentic flavors and convivial moments among friends and enthusiasts.

Passion for viticulture and olive growing:

Guided by a passion handed down from generation to generation, the Marchesi Pepe family has made wine and oil production an art. By carefully following each stage of the supply chain, from grape harvesting to wine making and olive pressing, they guarantee a final product of the highest quality, an authentic expression of the territory.

A territory rich in history and vocation:

The farm is located on the slopes of Mount Taburno, in the municipality of Cervinara (Avellino), about 300 meters above sea level. An area with a vocation for vines and olives, where nature expresses itself with strength and generosity.

Cascina dei Marchesi: a marriage of tradition and innovation:

The company is distinguished by its deep connection to tradition, combined with an innovative and sustainable approach. Cultivation and production techniques respect the environment and enhance the unique characteristics of the land, resulting in wines and oils with an unmistakable character.

Wines and oils awarded:

The products of Cascina dei Marchesi have won numerous awards in prestigious national and international competitions, a testament to their excellence and the meticulous work behind every bottle and every strand of oil.