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For us, a product is only natural if it supports the environment and, consequently, is also healthy. We have chosen to produce authentic Franciacorta in a natural way and to constantly renew ourselves in order to be ever closer to man: for this reason our research never stops and we continue to deepen our knowledge so that drinking quality wine is not only a pleasure, but also an aid to health. 
Thanks to the excellent vegetative state and the deep knowledge of our vineyards, in the different stages of winemaking we can use fewer quantities of exogenous additions and it is also for this reason that the use of sulphites on our Franciacorta is constantly decreasing, while other potential allergens, such as milk derivatives and eggs traditionally used in oenology in the clarification phase, have been completely eliminated.
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Grapes: Chardonnay 60% - Pinot Nero 25% - Pinot Bianco 15%. Yield: Starting from 70 quintals/hectare. Harvest: Selection of the best bunches from the oldest vineyards. Addition of Pinot Nero vinified white to give a great body and a long life. Wine-making: Separate working of the grapes to perfect ripeness, selected yeasts. 30% in barrique and 70% in steel, batonnage for 4-5 months. Refinement: At least 85 months on yeasts and no less than 6-7 months after disgorgement. Colour: Intense gold with glints of antique gold, excellent clarity. Bouquet: Rich in sugary notes, bread crust, vanilla and pleasant aroma of cognac. Flavour: Dry and velvety at the same time thanks to the yeast’s molecules released during the long refinement. Great personality and harmony.
Grapes: Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Nero 20%, Pinot Bianco 10%. Yield: 75 quintals/hectare. Harvest: Only grapes from the MIRABELLA vineyard (Paderno Franciacorta), the most expert (30 years), with a low yield for an higher quality. A Cuvée dedicated to Demetra, the goddess of abundance, image and emblem of the company. Wine-making: Low yields in pressing (60-65%), selected yeast, fermentation at 18-20 °C for a full-bodied and sophisticated basic wine. Refinement: No less than 55 months for a bouquet of greater intensity and persistence. Disgorged and left to rest for another 6 months before tasting. Colour: Gold, the noblest of all colours. Bouquet: ntense notes of freshly baked bread and yeast blended with ripe yellow fruit and sweet flowers. Flavour: Well-defined, dry and slightly bitter all combined to denote a great harmony.
Grapes: Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Bianco 20%. Yield: No more than 95 quintals/hectare. Harvest: Manual, only for perfectly ripe, healthy bunches loaded into small, perforated boxes. Wine-making: Soft pressing with very low yields (65%). Fermentation with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 16-18° C in cement vats. Refinement: At least 24 months on the yeasts in bottle and disgorgement at last 3 months before being marketed. Colour: Straw yellow with golden glints. Bouquet: Delicate notes of yeast and baket bread with a sophisticated fruitiness (golden apple and banana). Flavour: Balanced with medium persistence and pleasant bitter aftertaste, perfect acidity.
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%. Yield: 75 quintals/hectare. Harvest: Only grapes from the first Mirabella Cru (1981), one of the oldest vineyard in Franciacorta. 5 hectares with a low yield for an higher quality. Wine-making: Manual selection of the best bunches during filling machines, 50% yield pressing and fermentation in cement vats at controlled temperature, no use of allergens (including sulphites). Refinement: At least 30 months on yeasts in bottle. Total sulphir dioxide: 3-6 mg/lt (limit statement: 10 mg/lt). Particularity: 3 winemakers, 10 years of research, 4 university theses. The first Franciacorta and the First Italian Champenoise Method DOCG without sulphites and allergens in total respect of nature and the customers, completely chemical free.
Grapes: Pinot Nero 45% - Chardonnay 45% - Pinot Bianco 10%. Yield: No more than 90 quintals/hectare. Harvest: The three varieties are harvested by hand at various times, depending on the ripeness; Pinot Nero comes last in order to obtain a sophisticated colour and more significant fragrances. Wine-making: Separate workings of the 3 grapes, with 18-24 hours contact with the peel for the red variety, which ferments at 25-28 °C. Refinement: At least 36 months on the yeasts in bottle, in cold, dark cellars. Disgorged 3 months before being sold. Colour: Blush pink that acquires coppery glints while aging. Bouquet: Rich and full with typical fragrance of yeast, as well as wild berries and hints of vanilla. Flavour: Harmonious, smooth, easy to drink, particularly enjoyable for delicate palates.
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%. Yield: Starting from 80 quintals/hectare. Harvest: Selection of golden, sun-kissed bunches from 18 years-old vineyards. Wine-making: Delicate pressing, selected yeasts and low fermentation temperature. 10% of Franciacorta basic wine into barriques. Refinement: Over 36 months stacked on yeasts and 3 months after disgorgement. Colour: Intensely golden. Bouquet: Delicate and intense with a prevailing sensation of honey, banana and yeast enhanced by fragrant vanilla. Flavour: Low gassing and sugary syrup enhance its smoothness, like SATIN, hence the name SATÈN. Pleasantly sharp and good persistence.
DØM Rosé
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If you think of Franciacorta, sweet hills immediately come to mind, rows of vineyards that run through them, the broli that surround them, the lake. Few people know the origins of this rural setting, which reveal the reasons why this land was born for wine: the soil is very permeable because it is rich in sand, silt and poor in clay, stones of different nature, shape and color, transported by the ancient glacier; the vine, in this morainic soil has found a perfect home to develop and to express its characteristics and its aromas at their best.
Our mission today is to tell the story of our territory, our wine and our philosophy by letting you touch our cellar. Don't be afraid to ask us questions because we are as curious as you are!


Four wines, four versions of our territory.

A vintage, a Reserve, our Flagship and the very pleasant Rosé accompanied by breadsticks in a technical tasting that will take you through the last decade.

For the little ones a good glass of apple juice!

No scheduled visit


The tour is suitable to know the philosophy of MIRABELLA and understand the history, the production method and all the curiosities about Franciacorta. Tasting of 3 Franciacorta with breadsticks.

For chirldren a glass of apple juice.

No scheduled visit

The true essence of the winery that reveals the purity of its Franciacortas in the best vintages. 
In addition, the opportunity to taste the first Franciacorta without added sulfites.
Tasting combined with typical local foods for a best territorial experience
For children a glass of apple juice

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Mirabella Franciacorta
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